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Upcoming Events from The NBO Scout Training Team

Our December 2014 Class Schedule
is on our Schedule Tab!

The NBO Scout Training Team and BSA Crew-911 will be offering
American Red Cross instructor classes this Fall and early 2015!

BAT Basic Aid Training Instructor - Mature Scouts 14 and older
First Aid, CPR/AED Instructor - Scouts 16 and older and Scouters
Wilderness and Remote First Aid Instructor - Eligible Venturers and Scouters
Lifeguarding Instructor - Eligible Venturers and Scouters

Basic Aid Training-Instructor,
Saturday, December 6, Josey Scout Lodge, Huntsville

First Aid, CPR/AED for the Lay Responder
Saturday/Sunday, December 6-7, Josey Scout Lodge, Huntsville

Wilderness and Remote First Aid Instructor,
Saturday/Sunday, December 13-14 Josey Scout Lodge, Huntsville

Find out more about our instructor programs and proposed schedule. Email

Our Next Wilderness and Remote First Aid program for Venture age teenagers
training with their adult leaders will be December 13-14 in Huntsville at the Historic Josey Scout Hut!
Registration Spread Sheet, Basic class information, Study Guide and prerequisites are available now!
(Youth Participants are invited to the Friday evening Crew-911 EVENT too!)

Find out more about our Wilderness Remote First Aid program
The application process begins with an email to

Emergency Medical Response/Lifeguarding Class of 2015
First Class Meeting, Sunday January 4, 2015

Find out more about our Emergency Medical Response - Lifeguarding Program Email us for information or to register

The NBO Scout Training Team is no longer offering classes at BSA Camp Strake.

We do not presently have a First Aid-CPR/AED or BAT schedule for Fall 2014.
BSA Troop 777 will soon be offering BAT and FA-CPR/AED classes in The Woodlands.
We will have their schedule when it is finalized.
First Aid-CPR/AED training is available directly from The American Red Cross.
See the ARC National web site for area classes.

Note: Please only used the email links on our web page to contact us!
Many previously used email addresses are no longer valid.

Check out our current Program Schedule

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Enews from
The NBO Scout Training Team
and BSA Crew-911

*** Enews from the NBO Scout Training Team and BSA Crew-911 ***

December 6, 2014 ... Saturday/Saturday Evening -- Basic Aid Training-Youth Instructor, Josey Scout Hut, Huntsville

December 6,7... Saturday/Sunday -- FA-CPR/AED for the Lay Responder-Instructor and Wilderness and Remote First Aid-Instructor, Josey Scout Hut, Huntsville

December 13,14... Saturday/Sunday -- Wilderness and Remote First Aid, Josey Scout Hut, Huntsville

As always, lots going on guys! We are planning a road trip in December to the Historic Josey Scout Lodge to offer Scouters, our Crew-911 members and our Green Shirted Friends the opportunity to become American Red Cross Instructors. The BAT-Instructor class is intended for Venturers and mature Scouts that want to learn how to present the Basic Aid Training program to 4th and 5th grade boys and girls. The BAT program covers the requirements for WEBELOS Readyman and is actually a lot of fun to teach. We will be kicking the BAT program into high gear in March and we need youth instructors. This will be a full fun day. The $35.00 fee for youth will be waived if they will commit to teach with us! Lunch and a great BBQ Dinner will be provided.

Scouters and eligible Scouts will also have the opportunity to become basic level American Red Cross FA-CPR/AED for the Lay Responder-Instructors. Mature teenagers sixteen and older with better than average FA/CPR skills are welcome in this program. We will meet all day Saturday with a Saturday evening session. The class will finish up Sunday. We will also present the first part of the Wilderness and Remote First Aid Instructor program too. Candidates will need to plan to teach with us the following weekend to complete the WaRFA-Instructor certification.

The fees for Scouters is $35.00 which will include meals beginning with lunch Saturday through breakfast on Sunday. We are planning a special BBQ dinner on Saturday too. Fees for youth candidates will be waived if they will commit to teach! The class will meet at the Josey Scout Hut in Huntsville. We will be camping on the property. Those that have had the opportunity to visit the Josey Lodge know what a special place this is!

We will offer Wilderness and Remote First Aid at Josey Scout Lodge, Saturday and Sunday, December 13/14. The cost for the WaRFA program is $95.00/person which includes meals and overnight camping. We are going to need all our regular instructors and youth staffers to pull this off too. Our new WaRFA instructors will have their first chance to staff the program. As always, participants can expect the Sunday session to be a cross between a First Aid meet on steroids and The Texas ChainSaw Massacre! We will offer WaRFA beginning again in March 2015 but this will be our last 2014 program.

We do have a lot going on in the background. We plan to expand our WaRFA program beginning in March 2015 and The NBO Scout Training Team will again offer regularly scheduled FA_CPR/AED and BAT classes. We are working on a new canoe program too!

We have been very successful guys! We had a slow year this year with our transition away from Camp Strake and the program changes within the ARC. Through the efforts of our dedicated youth and adult volunteers, we still trained over 1,200 Scouts and Scouters this tis year! Thanks for helping make our programs successful!

Jay Walker
Advisor, BSA Crew-911
The Woodlands/Conroe Texas

October 8, 2014 *** Enews from The NBO Scout Training Team and BSA Crew-911 ***

This Saturday, October 10, 2014 - WEBELOS Coyote Trail Xtreme at Bovay Scout Ranch

This is a first for our council and it looks like it will be a great program for our WEBELOS friends. Crew-911 along with our green shirted friends will be presenting a First Aid session for the guys. We will provide some basic level information on handling bites and stings and throw in a good CPR/AED demonstration. The council is expecting about 200 WEBELOS and we will be conducting five forty-five minute sessions. Food is provided for our youth staffers and we will be camping. Please let me or David LeGaye know quick if you want to participate. The weather will be great and the teaching assignment should be fun. If we have enough staffers, we will likely add a back-boarding demonstration too. My bet is by the third or fourth session, our youth staff will be ready to tie up a few participants so back-boarding will fit in perfectly. It would be a Kodak moment though.

Our adult members are very welcome too. We may be able to finalize our Fall Wilderness and Remote First Aid program dates Saturday evening too.

We are slowly working through the issues running our programs away from Camp Strake. For the most part, we have a good operating format now and we are ready to scale back up to a full training schedule for Fall and, for sure. For Spring 2015. Lots of changes to The American Red Cross programs too. Many Scouters that have known us for all or a good part of our now 20+ years of offering American Red Cross programs to Scouts know that we are known nationally for our training. There is a lot going on behind the scenes right now and I can not wait to announce what the elves are up to. it involves lots of travel and training Scouts and Scouters to teach ARC classes. but that will be for a later Enews!

We never express often enough how valuable our youth and adult volunteers are to our program and our future. Thank you for making us the best and, by far the most unique training organization anywhere.

Jay Walker
Advisor, BSA Crew-911
The Woodlands/Conroe Texas

Emergency Medical Response--Lifeguarding Class of 2014

EMR/LG Class of 2014

Find out more about Emergency Response/Lifeguarding

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The Northern Branch Office Scout Training Team provides American Red Cross
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